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Sydney Fly Fishing Tours
Justin Duggan
Phone: 0414 961 221
Sydney New South Wales  AUSTRALIA
Sydney is without doubt one of the most spectacular cities in the world, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking waterways to be found anywhere, let alone a major city.
Justin Duggan
Welcome to Sydney Flyfishing Tours, I am very excited to be able to offer you the best Flyfishing and sportfishing guiding that Sydney can offer. When you step aboard my fully customised Flyfishing vessel you are not just in the hands of a fishing guide, you are in the hands of a total Flyfishing enthusiast. I simply love the sport of Flyfishing and my knowledge of Flyfishing the waters of Sydney is unmatched thanks to working these waters professionally for the last 7 years and for many years before that as a passionate amateur. I like to offer more than just a fishing trip and am very keen to make sure you leave with not just memories of great fishing but new techniques and tips.
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Splicing a Loop on the Front of a Flyline
This is a secure and easy method of placing a braided loop on the front of a flyline. Braided loops allow for quick leader changes and are very strong. They are however less abrasion resistant than using a nail knot. You will need; - hollow braided mono , 50 pound for 7wt and above, 35pound for below 7wts. - bobbin and thread (kevlar or s...
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