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Acute Angling
Garry Reiss
Phone: +866 431 1668
PO Box 18  
Califon NJ 07830 UNITED STATES
The Best Value Fishing Trips In the Amazon
Acute Angling is dedicated to providing the best fishing trip values in the Amazon. We are focused on highly productive Peacock Bass, Payara and Giant Catfish trips in Brazil.
Acute Angling
For over a decade and a half, Acute Angling’s primary goal has been to provide anglers with the fishing trip of a lifetime. We have accomplished this through hard work, innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and most of all - an unending quest for knowledge. We’ve explored the most remote corners of the Amazon, the wildest waters and the deepest jungles to better understand the fisheries we offer our anglers. We’ve studied the fish, the ecosystem and the limnological character of the region.
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Peacock Bass Tackle &Lures
Fishermen love a spirited tussle with each other almost as much as they enjoy fighting fish. The latest bone of contention seems to be over the relative benefits of braided line versus monofilament. Once again, each side has its advantages. Mono has enough stretch to make it very forgiving and able to absorb sudden shocks. It can be easily tied...
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