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Fly Fishing Caribe + Patagonia
Daniel Beilinson
Phone: (54-11) 4311-1222
Paraguay 647 8th. Floor, Of. 31 (1057) 
 Patagonia  ARGENTINA
About Us
Founded in 1999 by Daniel Beilinson and Antonio Lynch, FlyFishingCaribe aimed at organizing fishing trips to the Mexican Caribbean.
Andross and Belize
South Andross Since men have fished for bonefish, Andros has been a name synonymous with the biggest fish, and South Andros has built a reputation over the years as being the location to try for a ’giant’. Names like Grassy Creek, Deep Creek, Little Creek, the Water Cays and Curley Cut Cays are intrinsically linked to sight fishing for some of the world’s largest bonefish. Placencia, South Belize Another of our many destinations. Belize is a well-known destination by both saltwater fly fishermen and divers. Its main claim to fame is that it has the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.
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Fly Fishing for a Grand Slam in Cancun, Mexi
My fishing guide Humberto picked me up at 4.30 am because that was my last fishing day in Isla Blanca. I had to take my flight to Miami in the afternoon, so I just had 6 hours for fishing. Fortunately, the weather was fine, a bit windy and some clouds were announcing a shower but that is normal in Yucatan in June. Humberto was driving his car from ...
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