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Fly Fishing Thailand
Jonas Nyqist
Phone: 66 8 18933650
111/82 Pakklock Thalang 
 Phuket 83100 THAILAND
Mahseer Fly Fishing in Thailand
Guided catch and release fly fishing for big Mahseer deep in the jungle of Thailand. Exclusive trips to mountain rivers in Mae Hong Son province, Northern Thailand in areas inhabited by people of the Karen ethnic group.
The Fishing
Thailandís first fly fishing only, on catch &release rivers, is an Asian Angling Adventures and Fly Fishing in Thailand co-project. This is both a sport fishing conservation and an eco-tourism project. It is based on a business / community partnership between Fly Fishing in Thailand &Asian Angling Adventures and the Karen people in remote areas of Mae Hong Son province, North Western Thailand. Our staff has worked hard with Karen village headmen and National Park officials in an effort to establish a sustainable tourism-based income for the local people.
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Thai Masheer fly fishing in the rivers and t
Thai Mahseer is found in clear, clean rivers in the mountains. Reported from: Chao Phraya and Mekong basins, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, and Borneo, Myanmar (Burma), Salween and Mae Klong rivers. Habitat: Medium to large rivers with rocky, sandy and leafy bottom. Prefers highly oxygenated water and dark environment.
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