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Advanced tackle
David John Lovell
1. Fishing is to be totally at peace with oneself and the world. 2 Fishing is anticipation of the excitement to come. 3. Fishing makes a man of a boy, and a boy of a man. 4. Fishing is to see what many will never see.
I have been asked many times by people if I eat the fish I catch. In England, on the course fishing side of things, we catch fish and put them back. We may take a quick photo of the capture, and on the carp fishing side of things we treat the fish for any injuries or sores, which are often obtained during the spawning season from crashing through reed stalks etc.We return our fish, we worship them, their beauty, and to hold one up for the camera is magical. We return our fish, and the rest of the world could learn a few things from us English, men of appreciation of what the kingdom of the lake offers, Englishmen, of immense tolerance of ignorance, and we return our fish, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have our beautiful fish left to photograph and love.
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Coarse Fishing Tactics - Targeting Carp and
Carp, the species, has order. A lake that sustains a large number of carp will have numbers of shoals, each shoal will have a leader. These leaders know each other and communicate. Very often these leaders will meet alone and spend time alone together. I have witnessed large carp communicate and move off alone together. The leaders keep order, t...
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