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Alaska Fly Fishing Trips
Tackle & Tactics
A Day in the Life of a Game Boat Captain
Alton Jones Fishing Tips - 1
Alton Jones Fishing Tips - 2
Alton Jones Fishing Tips - 3
Big Game Kayak Fishing - Marlin Frenzy Cabo
Blacktip Challenge - Catch and Relase Tournament Pt 1
Blacktip Challenge - Catch and Relase Tournament Pt 2
Bluefin Tuna on the Free Spirit and Full Ahead from Southern New Jersey
Bream on Poppers
Casting: Manage your fly and line
Catch and Release - Circle Hooks
Catch and Release - Dehooking
Catch and Release - Venting Deep Water Species
Catching Halibut - Alaska
Catching Sharks on Spinning Gear - A New Trend - Rigging Techniques
Catching the Giant Freshwater Stringray 1
Catching the Giant Freshwater Stringray 2
Catfish &Crappie
Chasin Tail - Golden Trevally - Hervey Bay
Coarse Fishing for Carp Fishing - tackle, decisions, bait..
Coarse Fishing Lakeside Chat - The Biggest Fish in the Lake
Coarse Fishing Tactics - Targeting Carp and the Order of Things
Crank Crushin Kings
Cubing for Snapper
Effort = Success Part 1
Favorite tactics for catching striped bass - Bucktailing for spring time Stripers
Fishing for Bluegill South West Oregon - Fish Hook Selection
Fishing Tactics and Techniques for Catching Halibut - West California to South West Oregon
Fly Casting Techniques - The Double Haul
Fly Fishing and Sight Fishing
Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Los Roques - A Bonefish Paradise
Fly Fishing forTrout in the Chubut River - Patagonian Plateau South America
Fly Fishing in Holbox, Mexico for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit
Fly Fishing the Lower Keys Florida - Permit, Bonefish and Redfish Flies
Fonck Lake Fly Fishing
Game Fishing Species - Port Douglas
Getting Serious about Fishing for Georgia Redfish in the Spring
Gin-Clear Media - Researching Bonefish
Gipís Tips Episode 1: Gamma Fishing Line
Gipís Tips Episode 2: Crankbaits
Grand Slam Fly Fishing in Cuba -Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon - Fly Fishing Tactics
Handling During Catch and Release
How to Fillet a Coral Trout
How to Fillet a Northern Pike
How to Fillet a Red Emperor
How to Fillet a Walleye Salmon
How To Improve Your Fly Casting Pt .1
How to Shark Fish - Black Tip and Spinner Sharks - Georgia
How to Tie a Perfect Snapper Jig
How to Tie an Olive Merkin Crag Fly
Insane Jigging with Octo Jigs
Jigging for Yellowtail Kingfish
Kayak Fishing for Trophy Game Fish
Lake Michigan for August Kings
Lingcod Tactics - Alaska
Making a hair rig
Old Coarse Fishing Techniques - The Obsolete Hair Rig
Outdoor Answer: How to Fish Local Streams
Pen Fishing Rod Extreme Adventures
Pichi Leufu River Fly Fishing
Red Snapper Fishing - Brunswick Snapper Banks Georgia
Reef &Estuary Fishing Species - Port Douglas
Rigging a Wolf Herring for Spanish Mackerel
Rigging Swimming Gar for Game Fishing
Spinning Into a New Walleye Season
Sport Fishing for Albacore - Trolling Tactics - Life, History and Habitat
Spring Fishing in the Everglades
Stripers Forever - The Catch N Release Philosophy
Students of Carpology
Sure-Life Catch and Release
Tarpon Flies for Sight Fishing the Lower Florida Keys
Tasmanian Trout Flies - Wet Flies
Techniques for Winter Steelhead Fishing - Drift Boating on the Umpqua River
The Biology of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) - Distribution, Feeding Habits, History
The Occassional Carper
The Ouse Campaign
The Rules of Engagement - Blue Marlin
The Search - Tahiti
Trophy Bass &Cystic Fibrosis
Why Fish the Mae Hong Son in Thailand? - World Class Fly Fishing
Fishing Photo Albums
About Steelhead - BCs premier game fish
Bay of Islands Snapper Fishing
Be Flexible For Lake Lanier Stripers
Building A Rod-Man Custom Rod
Caleufu River Fly Fishing
Chokoloskee Island Kayak Fishing
Conger Fishing in Wales
Drop Shotting for Bass
Espejo Lake Fly Fishing
Fall Fishing Tips - Savannah Georgia
Fishing Tips for Indian River Tarpon
Fishing with Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits
Fly Casting Lessons Made Simple!
Fly Fishing for a Grand Slam in Cancun, Mexico - Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon
Fly Fishing for Bonefish flat clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean.
Fly Fishing the Mosquito Lagoon
Fly Tying - Clouser Deep Minnow
Fly Tying - Flashy Profile Tube Fly
Fraser Coast Overview - Queensland
Game Boat Sounders
Getting Big Bass on Top Water
Grand Slam, Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon in Cayo Largo
Heartbreak Corner
How to Catch Black Grouper - Key West
How To Catch Mainline Tiger Fish
How to Catch Mutton Snapper - Key West
How to Catch Yellowtail Snapper - Key West
How to Fillet a Fish - Step by Step Guide
How to Fly Fish for Tarpon in Patagonia - Argentina
How to safely release a wild trout
How to Tie a Saltwater Squid Fly
Hunting Bass With Hard Plastic Jerk Baits
Increasing Your Chances for Hook Up
Kenai River Fish Species
Kings on the Run
Knots for kayak fishing
Lake Lanier Stripers on a Downline
Lessons Learned in the Flood Grass
Limay River Fly Fishing
Mahseer Fly Fishing - New Tactics and Flies - fly tying innovation skills
Main lines for kayak fishing
Making a secure loop in Braided Backing
Manso River Fly Fishing
Mechanical Jigging for Yellowtail Kingfish
Nembwe - Large Mouth Bream
Peacock Bass - A Fishermans Disease
Peacock Bass Tackle &Lures
Salmon and Halibut Information
Sharptooth Catfish in the Zambezi River
Smoothhound Fishing in Wales
Softbait Fishing for Snapper &Kingis
Some general fishing tips - Key West
Splicing a Loop on the Front of a Flyline
Sportfishing Tips &Tactics for Baja Sur
Sturgeon - Dinosaurs of the River
Sustainable Fishing - Ski Angling
Thai Masheer fly fishing in the rivers and the mountains of Thailand
The Big Blues Catch &Release Policy
The DK Dancer Fly - Fraser Coast Sportfishing
Tiger fish in Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania
Walleye fishing in Northern Minnesota
Winter Fly Casting Days
Wrasse Fishing in Wales
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Watch fishing videos and learn how to:- set paternoster rigs and a drop rigs - tie your own fly fishing flies - troll and jig for fish - use spinner baits and live baits, and more.

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